Datasheet : Uptime Infrastructure Monitor with Netflow Analyzer Integration

Comprehensive view of the network traffic on a single pane of glass

Uptime Infrastructure Monitor provides a comprehensive yet simple to use network management solution with a broad set of monitoring and analysis capabilities. Uptime Infrastructure Monitor provides collection and alerting for latency, packet loss, and throughput, errors and discards, as well as custom monitors for any published SNMP metric, accessible direct via the OID, or through manufacturer MIBs. It ensures that service levels are being met for enterprise and service provider networks. Uptime Infrastructure Monitor’s optional Netflow analyzer, Scrutinizer by Plixer, provides in-depth network analysis by collecting NetFlow, IPFIX, JFlow, NetStream, sFlow and others. The data is then compiled to build profiles of the end systems hosted on the network. This add-on provides the ability to observe your network traffic by switch port number, protocol, port, MAC address, subnet, VLAN, DSCP value and much more. Just click on a specific application or device and display the data usage details.

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