Monitor Performance of SQL Server including Azure SQL and Amazon RDS

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Monitor SQL Server

SQL Server databases are critical to organizations. Ensure the availability, health, and performance of SQL Server
databases on-premises and in the cloud. Monitor the performance of SQL Server by displaying in real-time the key
performance metrics in a single overview dashboard with a free SQL Server monitoring tool.

  • Monitor 20 key performance metrics
  • See throughput of varying types
  • See “heartbeat” statistics at different intervals
  • Up and running in minutes with easy installation wizard
  • No agents required
  • Connect to cloud and run in cloud (provisional)

Monitor SQL Throughput

Check out what happens in batches, compilations, recompilations, and transactions throughout the SQL Server
environment so you don’t experience any surprises and know where to direct your attention to prevent potential issues.

Monitor SQL Server

Monitor some of the most important metrics in SQL Server including wait stats, reads, writes, session details, and cache hits.

Guided Install via Wizard

Quickly and easily get up and running within minutes using the installation wizard to guide you through the install

Real-Time SQL Server Monitoing

See SQL operations as they occur for the latest information; consider it a heart rate monitor for your SQL Server environment providing instant feedback and results. Customize the refresh rate and amount of historical data for each SQL server.

Agentless Monitoring

Agents can impact performance; SQL check does not require an agent installation.

Cloud Server Monitoring

Connect to database instances hosted in the cloud, such as SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machine (VM), Azure SQL Database, SQL Server on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), and SQL Server on Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS).

Run on virtual machines hosted in the cloud, such as Windows on Azure Virtual Machine (VM) and Windows on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

Start monitoring the activity of your SQL Server instances – with a free SQL monitoring tool. Download the completely free tool SQL Check now!

* Profile SQL Server on-premises and in the cloud, and without installing anything on the profiled instances. .

SQL Check
Try SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server FREE for 14 days

SQL Diagnostic Manager Repository dashboard

24X7 SQL performance monitoring, alerting and diagnostics

  • Monitor performance for physical, virtual, and cloud environments.
  • Monitor queries and query plans to see the causes of blocks and deadlocks.
  • Monitor application transactions with SQL Workload Analysis add-on.
  • View expert recommendations from SQL Doctor to optimize performance.
  • Alert predictively with settings to avoid false alerts.
  • View summary of top issues and alerts with the web console add-on.

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