Advance solutions for real-time database monitoring


The ability to obtain deep insights into your databases is a critical factor in keeping your environment operating at peak efficiency.

  • Keeps teams apprised of issues currently impacting your environment with real-time monitoring and alerting.
  • Identify the long-running and locked queries that result in degraded database performance.
  • Find bottlenecks that impact performance and generate alerts to the appropriate technical support teams.
  • Isolate database queries that require optimization to streamline system response time.
  • Drill down to identify the root cause of issues affecting your databases and their applications.


Real-time and historical reporting can identify areas of concern so they can be addressed before rising to the level of enterprise-impacting problems. Here are some of the questions that a robust monitoring tool will help answer:

  • Why are there severe fluctuations in database performance?
  • What is the best optimization strategy for a specific database?
  • How can we improve the experience of database users?
  • Who is using the majority of our IT resources?
  • How can we prioritize servers for optimization efforts?


Utilizing IDERA’s database monitoring tools provides an
organization with several valuable benefits.

  • Enhanced performance of databases and their applications. The visibility and knowledge gained through monitoring furnish the information that technical teams require to optimize system and database performance to enhance the end-user experience.
  • Reduced outages by generating timely alerts based on customizable baselines that allow teams to correct issues before they result in system failures.
  • Lowered incidence of missed service level agreements by keeping teams informed of issues that may affect their fulfillment and providing the necessary data to successfully address them.


Best in class database tools provide comprehensive and feature-rich monitoring solutions for your enterprise database environments and their related infrastructure components. Gain visibility and proactively avoid outages with these software tools:

  • SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server

    Real TimeProvide real-time monitoring and reporting for your SQL Server environment to ensure optimal performance and availability throughout the enterprise.
  • SQL Enterprise Job Manager

    SQL ServerKeep track of SQL Server agent jobs and manage complex job chains across your on-premises and cloud instances from a single console.
  • SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL

    MySQLMaintain visibility into your MySQL and MariaDB environment with real-time alerts enabling proactive issue resolution.
  • Precise for Databases

    DatabaseOptimize relational database performance for Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, IBM Db2, and SAP Sybase ASE from a single user interface.
  • SQL Workload Analysis

    SQL ServerObtain detailed information regarding SQL Server wait states and application transactions to maintain optimal system performance.

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