Database, Data, and IT Infrastructure Management Solutions

Monitor Database Performance

SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server

Monitor, alert, and diagnose SQL Server performance


SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL

Monitor MySQL and MariaDB performance agentless and cost-effectively

SQL Inventory Manager

Discover, track and manage SQL Server inventory and assets


SQL Defrag Manager

Find and fix SQL Server fragmentation hot spots fast

SQL Enterprise Job Manager

Monitor and manage agent jobs across SQL Servers


DB Optimizer

Tune and optimize SQL code across database platforms

Precise for Databases

Monitor, diagnose, and optimize relational database performance 24×7

Protect Database Integrity

SQL Compliance Manager

Monitor, audit and alert on SQL Server user activity and data changes

SQL Secure

See who has access to what and how permissions are granted in SQL Server

SQL Safe Backup

Hands-free backup and instant recovery across SQL Servers

SQL Admin Toolset

Simplify and streamline day-to-day SQL Server administration tasks


Manage and secure multiple database platforms from one UI


Manage MySQL and MariaDB databases via an intuitive GUI

Design Models and Databases


Create and manage data models for multiple database platforms

Aqua Data Studio

Manage data and databases, and visualize data for many platforms 

DB PowerStudio

Develop, manage, and tune databases on multiple platforms

Rapid SQL

Develop high-performing SQL code for multiple database platforms


DB Change Manager

Automate, manage, and track complex schema changes for multiple database platforms


Automate the design, development, deployment, and operation of data infrastructures faster

Manage IT Application Performance

Uptime Infrastructure Monitor

Unify performance monitoring and optimization of IT infrastructure

Precise for .NET

Monitor and resolve Microsoft .NET performance problems 

Precise for SAP

Monitor and resolve SAP performance problems

Precise for PeopleSoft

Monitor and resolve peoplesoft performance problems

SQL Server Solution Suites

Bundle our most popular products and enjoy huge savings.