Structure and document data enterprise-wide
with IDERA ER/Studio solutions

Companies who implement effective data governance can achieve:


increase in revenue


reduction in operating costs


increase in data quality

Knowing your data is crucial to data governance

  • Databases and data warehouses are becoming increasingly complex, making it difficult for stakeholders to know what kind of data flows across their enterprise, which data is sensitive, or who has access to it.
  • Your organization’s data landscape can also be complex, with a broad mix of input sources, user modifications, and endpoints.
  • The data you hold can vary in quality and consistency, impacting smart business decisions.
  • To comply with data retention and privacy protection regulations, your data environment needs to be audit-ready.
  • It takes effective data governance to understand, structure, and manage your mission-critical information.

A 2019 Aberdeen study found that just 44% of respondents had implemented data governance processes for PII protection.

Bring your diverse data landscape under control

To address data quality, availability and security, and to align business goals with IT priorities, modern enterprises are turning to data governance. To design the right data governance policies for your business, you need to understand your data itself:

  • What is your data, where is it, and how is it used by your business?
  • Do you understand your data’s life cycle?
  • Do clashing data definitions cause confusion within your enterprise?
  • Does your data blueprint account for the stewardship of personal and financial information?
  • How do you consolidate data differences between diverse data sources?
  • Are you confident that you used the right information for that $10 million business decision?

A unified approach can
simplify your life

Proper data governance aligns a well-defined enterprise data architecture with your organization’s business strategy, enabling better business decisions by keeping stakeholders across your enterprise on the same page. Data governance brings a host of business benefits:

Unlock the data value chain.

Unlock the data value chain.


Coordinate between your IT and business operations for overall efficiency.


Reduce your exposure to expensive data breaches by identifying the sensitive data you handle.


Efficiently support day-to-day operations, so employees can concentrate on their core tasks.

Build your data governance foundation with ER/Studio

ER/Studio Enterprise Team Edition delivers integrated capabilities for enterprise-class data governance that goes beyond the competition, and offers support across many platforms and databases, no matter where your data is hosted:

    • Improve your data quality and reduce redundancy with models, metadata, and glossaries.
    • Document your data flows and life cycle with business processes and data lineage.
    • Generate data definition language (DDL) for multiple platforms, including native support for your Hadoop Hive and MongoDB data.
    • Define and share security parameters, governance policies, and universal mappings for the organization.
    • Automate tasks with a customizable Macro capability backed by a full programming language

    ER/Studio customers understand the importance of data modeling

    Seamless Workflow

    “Going from a logical model, doing the data design upfront, creating the physical model, and forward-engineering into SQL Server is a great productivity aid.”

    Aaron Hanks, Microsoft Principal IT Data Architect

    Data Protection

    “ER/Studio provided time savings in configuring the database to protect highly confidential data. Additionally, it offered enterprise-class reporting tools that are essential for meeting compliance requirements around standardization.”

    Lorraine Knerr, Vice President of Data Management, Accolade

    ROI Value

    “We looked at the long-term cost of ownership and what it would take to deploy, and we came up with cost benefit analysis to present to the decision makers. It was a relatively easy decision.”

    Mark Underwood, Second Vice President of Business Intelligence at Protective Life

    83% of surveyed organizations

    obtained improvements in data governance by using ER/Studio.

    Accolade used ER/Studio

    to reduce the time spent cataloging existing data structures from a month to about a week.

    At Protective Life, ER/Studio reduced the time

    to compile data for compliance projects from 12 man-months to about 25 minutes.


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