Case Study: Uptime Infrastructure Monitor

Manitoba Hydro Chooses Uptime Infrastructure Monitor for Its IT Monitoring

Manitoba Hydro is one of the largest utility providers in Canada, serving more than 750,000 electric and natural gas customers across the country. The company offers a wide range of energy services and programs and generates nearly all of its electricity from self-renewing water power using 15 hydroelectric generating stations. As one of the lowest cost providers of electricity in Canada, the organization is often called upon to export electricity to electric utilities through various markets in Canada and the mid-western United States.

In the energy industry, reliability is critical. Manitoba Hydro’s ability to properly service customers is dependent on many key IT services and applications. While the organization had a monitoring solution from HP that was intended to monitor performance, the product was difficult to manage and lacked many core features. They wanted to replace it with a robust monitoring solution that offered dashboards, customer alerts, and reporting to improve the company’s ability to quickly identify and resolve issues.

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