Case Study: Uptime Infrastructure Monitor

A Leading Global E-commerce Increases Revenue with Uptime Infrastructure Monitor

A leading global ecommerce provider operates a technology and services platform used by many of the world’s top brands to expand globally and transact with customers worldwide. The company manages all aspects of the international shopping experience, including site localization, multi-currency pricing, payment processing, fraud management, landed cost calculation, customs clearance, brokerage services, and logistics.

The ecommerce provider internally developed an important financial application that relies on a number of enabling technologies, including VMware virtual machines, SQL Servers, Active Directory, file replication, log files (event and raw text), internal and external web applications and large format printers. The company’s IT infrastructure consists of 70% Windows operating system and 30% Linux servers. Given this complex environment, the IT team needed a software solution that could monitor all the elements involved in running its financial applications in a way that was fast, intuitive and accurate.

The ecommerce provider’s IT team evaluated a number of monitoring products for its financial application including SolarWinds and open source solutions, but ultimately chose IDERA Uptime Infrastructure Monitor because it best matched their monitoring needs for a reasonable price. IDERA also had an advantage upfront as the ecommerce IT team had been using the product successfully for a previous project. IDERA Uptime Infrastructure Monitor solution was simple to set up and easy to maintain, even for non-technical users such as the financial application owner.

Uptime Infrastructure Monitor provides a unified view of the company’s IT environment health with a GUI that is easily customizable via a drag and drop dashboard design.

Since deploying Uptime Infrastructure Monitor, the ecommerce provider’s IT team has been able to seamlessly review the financial applications’ multiple systems, quickly identify trouble spots and post alerts and warnings to a dashboard for real-time resolution. By gaining visibility into key areas of focus, they have greatly reduced system downtime on a weekly basis by up to 6 hours and improved the overall app performance. Also, Uptime Infrastructure Monitor’s relevant and actionable data has improved the time to resolution of diagnosing application performance issues from days to a matter of hours or minutes, especially in virtualized environments.

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