Whitepaper : Server Monitoring: The 5 New Realities

A Free Server Monitoring White Paper.

Server monitoring has never been more critical. Today, your servers are a vital cog in the IT machine, a machine that increasingly represents the core of your business. Whether a server’s used for email, e-commerce or ERP, downtime is not an option. The effective monitoring of servers is essential to ensure your business and its applications are running. If you’re responsible for the performance and availability, as well as maintenance, of these servers, your job is tough and getting more complex every day.

Many server monitoring solutions on the market today are big, complex and expensive, or are a cobbled – together mess of point tools and low-end modules that have narrow or limited functionality and no unified view of IT. That can make finding a server monitoring solution that fit s your needs difficult. The key is to understand the needs of your IT environment (both today and in the future) and then select a unified tool that meets those requirements.

This short guide will review the “5 New Realities” of server monitoring in order to help you better understand the available choices when it comes to searching for a server monitoring solution.

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