Sensitive Data Column Search for SQL Server

Free Tool – SQL Column Search

Search database for pre-defined column names to find sensitive data

  • Find potentially sensitive data
  • Search an entire instance or a specific table
  • Includes 45 pre-configured sensitive data search strings
  • Export results to CSV format for easy analysis and reporting

Find Potentially Sensitive Data

Potentially sensitive data can be located anywhere and it can be a challenge to identify where. Even with data security and audit policies in place sensitive data can be located away from watchful eyes and be ripe for exploitation. With this tool a DBA can search for common sensitive column name definitions or create custom column name search criteria to find potentially sensitive data to investigate, secure, and audit.

Includes 45 Pre-configured Sensitive Data Search Strings

Common sensitive data strings such as birth date, income, and password have been preconfigured for you to select from. The flexible design also enables you to define specific strings and to create and save different search profiles to customize exactly what you want to search for. This enables a variety of uses such as helping locate potentially sensitive data, performing database maintenance tasks, or to just find a specific column name.

Search an Entire Instance or a Specific Table

Define your search to look across all databases within an instance, confine it to a specific database, or even to a specific table within a database to give you the search granularity you need.

Export Results to CSV Format for Easy Analysis and Reporting

Search results are presented in a summary grid that lists each database and table combination in which a search was successful, and a details section to see the column names found in each table. You can export the information from the database and table summary grid to CSV format to easily analyze and report results in your favorite spreadsheet application.

* Search SQL Server without installing anything on the searched instances.

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