IT Performance Monitoring

Get an end-to-end unified view into IT with
Uptime Infrastructure Monitor.

Comprehensive and Unified IT Monitoring

Comprehensive and Unified IT Monitoring

Seamlessly monitor a wide variety of performance, availability, capacity planning, and system health
metrics across all platforms.

  • Physical Servers
  • Network Devices
  • Apps and Services
  • VMs and Cloud
Comprehensive and Unified IT Monitoring
Proactive Alerts and Root-Cause Analysis

Proactive Alerts and Root-Cause Analysis

Analyze and report on the data that matters most. No false alerts, no pointless fire drills—just fast and accurate information to help you address issues before they happen.

  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Intelligent Alerting
  • Smart Topologies
  • SLA Management and Reporting
Out-of-the-Box Simplicity and Scalability

Out-of-the-Box Simplicity and Scalability

Begin monitoring in a matter of mere minutes. Once you’re up and running, Uptime Infrastructure Monitor can easily scale to over 100,000 elements.

  • Auto-Discovery Wizard
  • Agentless WMI Monitoring
  • ServiceNow Integration
Out-of-the-Box Simplicity and Scalability
Unify your IT performance monitoring and optimization with Uptime Infrastructure Monitor.

An excellent tool for monitoring just about any server platform you care to mention.
Uptime Infrastructure Monitor is, frankly, superb. Ridiculously easy to use, vast range of platforms
supported, addresses all the monitoring, reporting, and alerting needs of the system manager.

– David Cartwright, TechWorld

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