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We understand that the vast majority of organizations are facing at least some upheavals in IT systems due to COVID-19. In many ways, the current crisis has put the IT teams under tremendous pressure due to increased digital loads on mission-critical applications and databases.

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Increase productivity

Boost the performance of your mission-critical databases with enterprise-scale monitoring, policy-based management, alerting, reporting, and more.

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Build streamlined processes to take requirements for databases and build and deploy well-documented data models.

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Establish a Secure Environment

Prevent security breaches and ensure regulatory compliance with strong access policies and activity auditing across your entire organization.

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100% of surveyed organizations confirmed that it took less than two weeks to fully deploy their IDERA Database Tools into production use.

For 71% of surveyed organizations, the biggest reason to choose IDERA Database Tools over the competition was the functionality, the price, and the ease of use.

Since using SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server, Howdens has experienced reduced risk and increased confidence with migrating to databases to the cloud.

Tony Hayes, IT Manager, Howdens (Large Enterprise, Professional Services, United Kingdom)

ER/Studio provides us with a robust methodology for creating data models and the ability to quickly generate physical data models when changes are required.

Roger Pearson, IT Director, Smith & Nephew plc (Large Enterprise, Health Care, United Kingdom)

I like Aqua Data Studio because it provides ease of use for multiple database platforms. The ability to query and manage databases in the same interface is a huge plus. Its ability to extend into the cloud will be important for our future DBAs.

Shawn Faulkingham, Chief Information Officer, Indoff Incorporated (Small Business, Consumer Products, USA)

With SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL, we are fast and efficient in tracking down issues leading to greater end-user satisfaction.

Wayne Lansdowne, IT Architect, Applied Innovations (Small Business, Telecommunications Services, USA)

With over 100,000 users in healthcare, financial services, retail, and technology, IDERA is a trusted provider of industry-leading tools that help IT professionals across complex environments.

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