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Monitoring & Performance Products

24X7 SQL performance monitoring, alerting and diagnostics Download Now
Discover and Visualize Your SQL Server Environment Download Now
Complete SQL performance tuning and recommendations Download Now
Amplify SQL Server performance and strengthen security Download Now
Find and fix SQL fragmentation hot spots fast Download Now
Monitor and manage the health and availability of SSAS, SSRS & SSIS Download Now
Complete SQL Server management Download Now
Improve Performance across all SQL Servers and jobs Download Now

Free Tools

Real-time SQL Server performance monitoring
Discover and analyze SQL fragmentation
SQL XEvent efficiency with SQL Profiler simplicity
View SQL Server storage utilization
Simplified access to SQL page data
Find and update out of date SQL Server table statistics
Try SQL Diagnostic Manager for FREE for 14 days!

Backup & Administration Products

Hands-free backup across all SQL Servers Download Now
Access data fast in a virtual SQL Server Download Now
Run everyday diagnostics across multiple SQL Servers Download Now
Manage data and schema changes in SQL Server Download Now
Monitor and manage SQL Server agent jobs across the enterprise Download Now
Complete SQL Server management Download Now
Automate SQL Server maintenance and operations Download Now
A bundle of must-have tools for DBAs and Developers Download Now

Free Tools

View SQL Server Backup history
Identify SQL Server database corruption
Free management of SQL Server jobs
Backup and restore for Azure SQL Database
Learn and master PowerShell fast
Simplify SQL Server administration with 20 free scripts

Security & Compliance Products

Monitor, audit and alert on SQL Server changes Download Now
View and manage SQL Server permissions Download Now
Complete SQL Server management Download Now
Audit and secure SQL Servers and data Download Now

Free Tools

Extract and migrate permissions from objects in SQL

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