Whitepaper : The Unified IT Dashboard: Integrated IT Monitoring

  • How to manage IT environment with unified dashboard
  • How the unified IT dashboard aligns the organization
  • 5 critical reasons a unified IT dashboard is essential

Discover how to manage the entire IT environment with a unified dashboard of integrated IT monitoring tools which acts as a ‘Single Pane of Glass’ to deliver highly valuable and easy-to-use performance, availability and capacity information across all IT platforms and environments. Learn the importance of implementing simple processes that turn dashboard data into actionable IT decisions. Learn how to turn IT metrics into reports that business units want to see, and how Service Level Management can highlight the value of the IT Department.

Learn the five (5) ways that IT dashboards can help IT managers and administrators better communicate the value of IT.

Quickly understand why IT shouldn’t waste time and budget deploying heavy frameworks or trying to integrate multiple point tools. Unified IT monitoring tools should be quick to deploy, easy to maintain and provide all the views and reports that both IT end-users and executives need.

IT management is faced with the daunting task of quickly turning complex data into accurate, actionable information, which in turn generates informed decisions that support the organization’s overall business strategy. At the same time, IT management is responsible for ensuring high availability and performance of mission-critical applications, while continually working to prove the value of the IT department to the organization and not being seen as a cost center.

Unified IT dashboards are integrated views that collect and communicate key data in a clear manner. They monitor and measure as well as, manage IT services and performance to help executives and managers make informed decisions that support the strategic objectives of their organizations. A unified set of IT monitoring tools is a single solution that provides the high-level views and reporting that IT management wants, while also offering the day-to-day and deep dive tools that IT administrators need to monitor performance, availability and capacity across all platforms, environments, servers, networks, applications and business services.

Author: IDERA

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