Datasheet : Precise for PeopleSoft


PeopleSoft system operations deteriorate without end-to-end performance management. Companies all over the world use PeopleSoft to streamline their human resource processes. It is common for systems to serve thousands of processes, batch jobs, users, and transactions and when performance degrades productivity suffers, and it negatively affects the bottom line. PeopleSoft’s complex multi-tier infrastructure is often managed by pockets of staff with domain-specific knowledge at each tier along the chain of delivery. In many deployments, integration with external applications is common, further increasing complexity. Webmasters, J2EE developers, Tuxedo administrators, DBAs, system administrators, and storage administrators typically each have their own set of performance metrics and monitoring tools they use to determine the quality of service they are delivering. This fragmented approach makes it difficult to identify and tackle the root cause of performance problems. In order to overcome these challenges, IT must have a way to track these transactions across every tier and share a common view of that data with other members of their team.

Precise for PeopleSoft takes a comprehensive approach to managing complex PeopleSoft environments. Using a suite of integrated components, it provides a framework to report on and manage transaction response times as they are experienced by the end user or batch process.

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