Whitepaper : Optimize Your Virtual Environment with Better Virtual Server Monitoring


Do you have the right information to make confident decisions about your virtual server environment? Is your virtual server monitoring making it easier or harder to make the right choices to optimize your infrastructure?

Over the past ten years, virtual environments have moved from ‘interesting technology’ to an essential part of the IT Management job description. There are as many challenges as there are benefits, and it’s important to have a plan for managing and monitoring an increasingly complex virtual environment.

In this brief, you’ll find both the pitfalls of virtual monitoring and management, as well as how to evaluate the maze of competing virtual monitoring and management products and vendors.
CIOs, IT Managers and Administrators need to understand the inherent love/hate relationship with physical and virtual server monitoring across a heterogeneous data center.

As virtualized servers continue to move from testing to production environments, the threat of process and infrastructure breakdown is mounting.1 At present, IT departments are precariously exposed to a growing number of virtualization risks, including tumbling down Gartner’s IT Maturity Curve, a model designed to measure an IT organization’s strengths and weaknesses relative to best practices in the field.2
With this in mind, IT executives and managers are looking for solutions that provide a complete dashboard of the IT environment for better visibility and control–across both the virtual and physical environments. Many are also exploring ways to effectively leverage their existing investments in IT Service Management (ITSM) frameworks, tools, and processes–to extend the value of these assets.

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