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Improve Your Data Modeling Skills

Author: IDERA

Data professionals should know that improving their data modeling skills increases productivity and efficiency. Certifications can demonstrate these skills, which also improves your marketability. Learning the skills discussed in this paper will help achieve the success you want by allowing you to become a sought-after data modeler. Data modeling skills include a basic understanding of how to create and read such a model. Fundamental data design techniques are also essential skills for data modelers.

Data modeling is analyzing data-oriented structures. These models include a variety of specific types, ranging from models for physical data to models that illustrate high-level concepts. Data modeling is like class modeling from the perspective of object-oriented (OO) design, except that you’re modeling entity types instead of classes. A data modeler assigns attributes to these entity types, just as an OO developer assigns attributes and operations to classes. The associations between entities in data modeling are also similar to those between classes in OO design.

Besides proper training, the key to improving data modeling skills is practice. Data modelers who follow the agile method should welcome the offer of help as part of the Model With Others practice. Answering questions about why you do things a certain way is also a great way to hone your data modeling skills.

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