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Geek Sync | You Just Inherited a Data Model - Now What?

Presenter: Karen Lopez

Inherited data models can be problematic for several reasons:

  • Old data models may not be documented with diagrams or data dictionaries, which can make it difficult for developers to understand the structure of the database.
  • Inherited data models may depend on outdated infrastructure and technologies that are no longer supported by vendors.
  • Changes to the structure of old data models can represent a significant risk for the applications that use them. Inherited data models may have design and data quality problems.

The good news is that someone else has done the hard work of architecting a data model and you just have to take on minor maintenance…or is that the bad news? Or have you been tasked with implementing a pattern or industry standard data model? Perhaps a team member has sent the world’s best resignation letter and won’t be helping you with the model. Learn the important next steps you MUST take before working with a new data model.

About the Presenter:

Karen Lopez has more than 20 years of database design experience. She specializes in the practical application of design approaches, balancing development time frames with the need to deliver solutions that will support business agility and data quality needs. She’s known for her fun and engaging speaking and teaching style. She tweets about data, space exploration and her travel experiences at @datachick.Karen blogs at

Topics : Data Modeling,

Products : ER/Studio Data Architect,

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