Whitepaper : 6 Essentials to Capacity Planning


Understanding what Effective Capacity Planning is All About

Ensuring the performance and availability of IT Services and applications is essential for high performing IT departments. At the end of the day, companies cannot run without the IT infrastructure they depend on and this makes Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) essential for CIOs, Capacity Planners, IT Managers and Administrators alike. Forrester Research recently published a report that projects DCIM tools to grow by 60% through 2014. Why?

  • Data Center capacity limitations are impacting service delivery growth
  • Businesses are increasingly reliant on their critical IT systems
  • Enterprises have complex heterogeneous infrastructures with both physical and virtual systems
  • Data center consolidation and virtualization is still accelerating
  • Increased capacity costs are problematic
  • Enterprises are experimenting with Cloud IaaS. Success/failure rate is 50/50

There are many DCIM vendors on the market today, and they all seem to be preaching the same mantra of helping you “increase IT service performance.” The problem with all the noise in the market is that it becomes difficult for customers to figure out which solutions meets their current and future needs.

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