Whitepaper : SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL

Monitor MySQL Managed Cloud Databases with Ease

It is often straightforward to manage only one database on one platform. However, the natural world always has distinct challenges. In industry, applications use multiple technology stacks, and one can find various platforms involved in hosting applications and databases.

DBAs ran MySQL databases on-premises and managed everything on their own. However, this solution had many challenges. The managed cloud database resolves such problems. Instead of running MySQL on-premises, one can purchase managed cloud services from providers.

Cloud service providers manage infrastructure, underlying servers, and everything required to run MySQL. They offer application programming interfaces (APIs) as well as various utilities which help users to run multiple MySQL-related operations.

Once upon a time, organizations hosted their database servers on-premises. Later, they moved to data centers, and now the same servers are often found in the major cloud platforms.
Most of the new deployment and development of database-oriented applications are on the cloud. AWS, MS Azure, and GCP are prevalent hosting applications and databases. While the fundamental principles of monitoring remain the same when deployment is in the cloud or on- premises, some areas need more attention on the cloud-based MySQL.

In this whitepaper, we will discuss the major areas to focus on when one has to monitor the performance of MySQL on the cloud. We will focus on monitoring critical metrics along with the automatic alerting mechanism. After reading this whitepaper, DBAs and businesses will better understand how to drive efficiency in their investments.

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Author: Mehul Lal

The presenter, Mehul Lal, is a MySQL Expert and product evangelist for Monyog. He has been a part of the industry for over 7 years and has helped several users with MySQL Server performance problems using Monyog.

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