Webcast : Maximizing Microsoft SQL Server Performance

Presenter: Mike Zawadzki
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Maximizing Microsoft SQL Server performance is the goal that all database professionals should strive for. This presentation is focused on query execution plans as a means to optimize performance. It is designed to provide the knowledge of the following key questions/activities:

- How to find poor running queries
- How to get an execution plan for a query
- How to analyze graphical execution plans (*.sqlplan)
- How to analyze XML execution plans
- What data to collect to monitor execution plan performance over time

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About Mike Zawadzki:

Mike worked for Microsoft Customer Support Services for twenty-four years supporting Microsoft SQL Server 4.2 through Microsoft SQL Server 2016. During Mike’s time at Microsoft, he specialized in Storage Engine and Performance subjects and was a key contributor to the supportability of the product. Mike has presented at SQLPASS in the past on the topic of Database Mirroring. Currently Mike is working as a Senior Consultant for Fortified Data Systems. Mike graduated with a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Michigan Technological University in 1990.

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