Webcast : Dealing with Network Latency Issues and the impact on SQL Server Performance

Presenter: Dr. Dallas Snider

SQL Server is used for both small and large datasets and as the data grows performance issues start to surface. SQL can have issues with memory, disk, processor and network and these issues can be resolved with new, faster or more hardware along with tuning your SQL Server queries, but the issue of moving data across the network and limited bandwidth is a much harder issue to resolve.

In this webcast, Dr. Dallas Snider will shine a light on some heavy data users. We’ll discuss some of the options and techniques that can be used to reduce the amount of data that is sent over the network to help improve performance and create a better user experience

Dr. Dallas Snider is an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department at the University of West Florida. He received his Ph.D. in Integrated Computing and M.S. in Instrumental Sciences from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. He received a B.A. in Physics from Hendrix College. Before joining UWF, he worked as a data warehouse developer for Northrop Grumman Information Systems and prior to that as a database application developer for Acxiom and Euronet. Dr. Snider’s teaching and research interests include data mining, data warehousing, information visualization, and software development.

Topics : Database Diagnostics,Database Performance,

Products : SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server,

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