Webcast : Designing a SQL Server Backup Strategy

Presenter: Ben DeBow

Data protection is one of the most important responsibilities of a DBA and when a disaster occurs, the DBA is ultimately responsible for recovering the data in a timely manner. But how does the DBA design a backup strategy that meets the business objectives when each application might have different requirements? What technologies should be used to backup and restore a SQL Server database? Independent of the business goals, how does the software development life-cycle play into designing the backup strategy?

In this session, we will focus on designing a backup strategy that meets the business and developments goals for each application and database. In addition to the strategy, we will cover the new features in SQL Server 2017 that can be used to secure, validate and save time and space for your backup strategy.

Speaker: Ben DeBow is an experienced consultant who has advised customers of all sizes on their mission critical applications and SQL Server deployments. His versatility allows him to assist with everything from virtualization and consolidation to schema design, performance tuning, disk architectures, and everything in between. Ben has designed, deployed and optimized some of the largest and most complex SQL Server solutions in the world for clients like JP Morgan, Allstate, Cayan, Heartland Payment Systems and the Royal Bank of Canada.

Topics : Database Backup,

Products : SQL Safe Backup,

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