Webcast : Best Practices for SQL Server Backup and Disaster Recovery

A DBA’s top priority is data protection, and thereby ensuring that users can access the applications and services they need when they need them. The foundation of a data protection strategy is backup. Today, there are ever-increasing sources of data and the need to back up virtualized SQL Server instances, but there is also an ever-shrinking backup window.
Attend this webinar with IT Pro’s senior contributing editor, Michael Otey, to learn about some of the challenges that you could face in your backup and disaster recovery efforts and how best to deal with them. He will discuss SQL Server’s backup and will talk about using SQL Server’s disaster recovery capabilities. Some of the areas Otey will cover include:

  • Understanding RPOs and RTOs
  • Using the 3-2-1 Rule of data protection
  • Understanding the SQL server backup types
  • Leveraging hybrid cloud backups
  • Using Log Shipping and AlwaysOn availability groups for DR
  • Using AlwaysOn availability groups with Azure

Join this session to make sure your databases are fully protected and that you can restore your mission-critical data and services in the event of site or server outage.

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Michael Otey & Tep Chantra

Tep Chantra is a Sales Engineer with IDERA and has worked in the IT industry for 10+ years taking on various roles such as Customer Support

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