The IDERA SQL Admin Toolset is designed to make SQL Server administration easier and more efficient especially when you have multiple servers to worry about. Powerful diagnostics tools make maintenance and troubleshooting faster and easier. Backup Status can check the status of database backups across multiple servers making it easy for you to quickly check the status of your backups and to immediately deal with any problems before you need to rely on those backups. You can easily filter out databases which have been successfully backed up allowing you to focus on those databases which need your attention. And because you can check databases across multiple servers you will be able to manage your entire enterprise from a single window. SQL Search and Object Search help you locate database objects no matter what database they are hiding in or on what server they are located. Find stored procedures, functions, triggers, tables, and more all by specifying search text. It is a perfect way to find server-side code objects that need to be updated due to a schema change or other environmental update. Or search for object names across multiple servers and databases. A great way to locate all instances of a particular table, stored procedure, or other objects across your entire enterprise. SQL Discovery helps you make sure that you know about all the SQL Server instances running on your network. Do not be caught off guard by rogue server instances. Find them all and make sure they are properly secured and managed. It is a great way to find all of those Express instances lurking around your network. And you will be able to discover the TCP [transmission control protocol] ports service accounts and other configuration settings used by each instance found. Password Checker helps ensure that your SQL Server logins are properly secured by checking the strength of passwords. Perfect for properly securing sa [system administrator] accounts. This tool can also help find user logins that do not comply with your organization’s password and security requirements. You can even scan for passwords that appear on pre-defined or custom lists of commonly used passwords helping make sure nobody’s using ‘password’ for their password. Having problems with connectivity to a SQL Server computer? Use the Connection Check which runs a set of pre-defined connectivity checks to help determine the root cause of connection problems. Connection Check not only performs a basic ping but also connects to the SQL Server service ensuring a complete diagnostic. Tools for administration are designed to make server and even multi-server administration easier, more consistent, and more automated. These tools help migrate databases and other server configurations. Administer multiple computers at once. And even run queries against multiple databases and servers. Multi Query is a great way to run a single query against multiple databases and servers at once. It is perfect for grabbing information from multiple databases or ensuring that multiple databases are updated or reconfigured in exactly the same way at the same time. Quick Reindex helps you analyze index fragmentation for every index on a particular server. Quickly locate indexes that need to be rebuilt or reorganized. And even perform the rebuild or reorganization all from within a single window. It is the perfect way to perform the most important and meaningful ongoing database maintenance tasks across an entire server at once. Ever get frustrated trying to move a database to a different server or just relocated databases files on the same server? Let Database Mover take away the frustration with its simple wizard-driven interface. Simply decide if you want to move or copy a database and if you want to do so across instances or within the same SQL Server instance. Then specify the source and destination information. Database Mover can even ensure that any logins used by the source database are replicated at the destination so that your database is immediately usable. A detailed progress screen keeps you informed of your operations progress and lets you know about any problems that occur along the way. Server Configuration lets you view and compare the configuration of multiple SQL Server computers. Just specify the servers and quick configuration settings, designate one service configuration as the baseline, and instantly compare other servers configurations to that baseline. You can even quickly fix differences to bring servers into compliance with your baseline. Database Configuration offers similar capabilities for per-database configuration options helping ensure that specified databases have the proper configuration settings. Other tools include Login Copy which helps copy server logins from one server to another. And User Clone which creates a new SQL Server login by using an existing login account as a template. Job Editor is a great way to check the status of SQL Server agent jobs across multiple servers and to edit job configurations on multiple servers at once. You can quickly locate jobs that have not run successfully, review job details, and query the latest job status all across multiple servers and all in a single window. The companion Job Mover tool helps replicate jobs across servers ensuring that designated servers have identical copies of specified jobs or helping migrate jobs from one server to another. You will also find tools for managing partitions generating connection strings and more. In the Analytics category, you will find six powerful tools designed to gather information from multiple servers and generate administration management and maintenance reports. Start with Inventory Reporter which generates comprehensive reports on the inventory of multiple SQL Server computers. You can save each inventory as a snapshot and compare the current inventory to past snapshots. A perfect way to help manage and audit change across your SQL Server environment. Patch Analyzer is every administrator’s best friend. Using live updated lists of the latest SQL Server build and patch information it quickly scans selected SQL Server computers and shows you which ones are up-to-date and which ones need hot fixes, service packs, or other patches applied. You will even see which computers are beyond mainstream support helping you organize upgrade and migration efforts. Index Analyzer helps you determine which indexes are the most useful to your databases across an entire SQL Server computer. You can drill down to column level statistics to identify indexes which are not helping in query operations but which might be slowing down table updates and inserts. It is a powerful way to have a positive impact on one of SQL Server’s most important performance tuning tools. Space Analyzer helps you make sure that your databases never run out of space no matter how many SQL Server computers you have. Analyze space utilization at the database level or on a per-file basis across multiple servers and quickly focus on files that may need to be expanded in order to ensure smooth operations. Server Statistics lets you quickly review key information from multiple servers such as logins, performance counters, locks, processes, and more. It is an all-in-one console for viewing key operational information across your entire SQL Server environment. Finally, Server Ping lets you continuously monitor selected SQL Server computers availability. All of the SQL Admin Toolset tools can use a shared set of server groups that you define making it easy to quickly select production servers, test servers, or any other server grouping in any of the SQL Admin Toolset tools. Many of the tools in the SQL Admin Toolset allow you to save reports and results in various formats helping you take your data into tools like Microsoft Excel for charting and trending or into other databases for long term storage. For diagnostics and troubleshooting, day to day administration, and long term analytics and trending there is no better way to manage your entire SQL Server infrastructure than with the IDERA SQL Admin Toolset. Thank you.

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