Welcome to IDERA Virtual Education. My name is Bjorn Hall. I will be covering the privileged users audit settings for SQL Compliance Manager. To access or change the audit settings for the privileged users. Right-click at the server level. Sort properties. Click on the privileged users auditing tab. Here you can then go and add specific roles or logins that you want to have a separate number of audit settings for. So I can go and select a role like these this admin role, for example. So any member of this is admin or a specific SQL Server login. So I can go and add in the suspicious users that I want to audit. Or want to see what they are doing on the system. And then specify to audit logins, failed logins, security changes, admin activities, data definition language (DDL), data manipulation language (DML). Select and user-defined events. This will be covered for every single database on the system. Including all user and system databases. So no matter if you have them registered in the left-hand tree view or not. They are still going to be audit in those databases. Can also go on. Filter based on axes. Check if you only want to capture events that failed access check. Meaning that they could not perform the transaction. Because they did not have permission to do so. Maybe they attempted to drop a database. They could not do it. Because they did not have permission. If you want to get those events, you would audit for failed access check. If you only want to see the ones that are passing access check. Meaning they could actually go and drop that database. Then you will want it for past access check. If you want to gather both past and failed access check, you would simply uncheck the filter event. You can also capture the SQL statements for data manipulation language (DML) and select activities. And you can also capture the transaction status for the data manipulation language (DML) activity. To begin transaction and transaction, for example. Thank you for watching IDERA Virtual Education.

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How to Configure Privileged Users with SQL Compliance Manager

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