In this video, we are going to show how to add OS [operating system] monitoring to the Precise framework. Precise nicely shows us under ‘AdminPoint’, ‘Dashboard’ screen that we have some servers where the OS [operating system] is not being monitored. So, we will go over to the ‘Installation’ tab and choose ‘Applications’. We are modifying the ‘Retail Banking’ application. So, I will highlight it. And click ‘Edit’. This opens the installation wizard which will guide us through the installation process. And, I will just come over here and click ‘OS’ and then ‘Add...’ and ‘Add...’. The reason that we have that is that ‘Add...’ is for new and ‘Add Existing...’ is so you can share a monitoring of a technology between groupings under the ‘Applications’ part of the screen. Now, this automatically identifies a server where there is not OS [operating system] monitoring. So, it (kind of) simplifies things a bit. So, here I will (kind of) scoot this up so can see the ‘Next’ button. So, I click here on ‘Next’. And, currently Precise is aware of the Precise server. And, it is aware of this other server in the monitoring environment. So, I simply select the server that I want. And, I go ahead and proceed with installing it. Now, if the server were not defined to the Precise framework, I would add it. And, actually, I think that it would be a good idea to actually add a server. So, what I want to do I thought that I had this in the buffer, but apparently, I did not. This is server ‘61’. Uh oh, let us try that again. Control-c [copy to Windows clipboard]. Control-v [paste from Windows clipboard]. And, it is not taking. So, give me a second here. So, after specifying the server, it is a good idea to use the fully qualified name although I (kind of) ignored that suggestion here. Precise is very communication sensitive. So, everything we can do to make it easier to communicate the better. So, just specify (you know) UNIX includes Linux. This a Windows server. So, I just come over here. Click ‘Next’. And, Precise will install using the ‘Administrator’ credentials. And, install in this particular folder. We do offer a manual installation. And that you would use that if telnet were not available. That simply involves a copy of some files locally, and then moving them to the target, putting them into the folder, the install of Precise, and just doing the installation manually. It would either be an executable for UNIX/Linux or Windows. For here, we are going ahead and using the ‘Automatic’. And, click ‘Next’. And, we are working our way down this list. And, so, we will go into the next step is the ‘Preview’. It takes a little of time to generate the underlying configuration. Just let this do its job. Sometimes people say to me “Why does it take so long?”. Well, it is doing a lot for us. And, I appreciate how much complexity the installation wizard removes. So, I am going ahead, and it says it needs 707 ‘meg’ [megabyte]. I am going ahead and click ‘Install’. And, it is going ahead. And, run through the installation process. This is going to add a listener and a sentry process that is called the basic agent. And, the basic agent is built out a little bit to include the OS [operating system] monitoring piece. And, so I can see it the ‘BA’ is sentry basic agent. It is basically extracting those. Here are we are rounding out the installation. The listener is written in Java. So, you will see that for Windows it runs as a service. You will see it running as a Java program in Windows and Linux. Incidentally, in the folder is a [...], stop and start the basic agent. So, we include a script for stopping and starting the listener at the command line. So, there we go. It is finished. And, that is all it takes. Thank you very much. Now, once that listener is running and that server is defined to the Precise framework, we can then go ahead and add the operating system monitoring. Just click ‘Install >’. And, it is going to work through the processing of that. And, before you knew what happened, you successfully installed the OS [operating system] monitoring on the server. So, it is typically a two-step process. Add the server and that basically creates the listener in the sentry. And, then augment the basic agent with operating system monitoring. That concludes this recording. Thank you very much.

How To Install Precise for OS Monitoring

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