Datasheet : Precise Application Performance Platform


A lack of end-to-end monitoring damages performance in complex, multi-tiered systems. Organizations process more and more transactions every quarter and IT can struggle to allocate resources and develop strategies to keep pace. The reality for most companies is a complex and evolving landscape of diverse applications that span a variety of platforms and disciplines that are supported by separate teams. Each team has its monitoring tools, but despite all the metrics, it can be difficult to diagnose and correct performance problems across disparate but interdependent technologies. Not only does this result in poor overall system performance, but also drives longer durations for problem resolution and higher support costs because teams do not have a unified view of their systems. Customers experience applications one transaction at a time. To ensure the performance of each transaction, IT organizations must embrace an integrated and collaborative approach with monitoring tools that can track performance from click to storage.

Precise measures the end-user experience starting from the browser and tracks it through all tiers of virtual and physical infrastructure from application to database to storage. It empowers IT to intelligently monitor and optimize performance for custom software and leading enterprise applications from SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Seibel, and more.


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