Case Study: Precise

Computer Product and Services Enterprise Fixes Critical, Failing Transactions

A large enterprise computer product and services company in the United States of America spent more than one year to develop a significant new version of a custom application for the Microsoft .NET Framework and Microsoft SQL Server. The development team was ready to roll out the application to production. However, the team detected a significant performance problem where transactions are failing or timing out. It appeared that the CPU reached its maximum capacity. The initial response of the team was to allocate more resources in VMWare. Eventually, the team assumed that the application could not run on virtual machines but instead needed to deploy on physical machines.

Topics : Application Performance,Database Diagnostics,Database Monitoring,Database Performance,

Products : Precise for Databases,

Every tier contributes to service time. It appeared that the application code created demand for resources showing how the efficiency and capacity of processing are two sides of the same coin. After the team implemented the changes, the application developers were grateful, and the team members received a bonus for meeting the go-live date, thanks to Precise.

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