Case Study: Precise

Wholesale Distribution Enterprise Fixes Business-Critical Application Error

A medium enterprise wholesale distribution company for nutritional supplements and drinks in the United States of America uses the third-party, multiple-tier JD Edwards Enterprise resource planning software to manage warehouse orders. However, the business-critical application suffered from the ‘Sales Order’ screen freezing. These apparent screen freezes caused warehouse operations to miss a critical business service-level agreements to ship all orders received that day by 3 PM on the same day. The service-level agreement is so important that the employees of the warehouse are paid to meet it.

Topics : Application Performance,Database Diagnostics,Database Monitoring,Database Performance,

Products : Precise for Databases,

Precise delivered consistent performance to the end-users of the business-critical third-party application. The improved performance allowed the employees of the warehouse to meet their critical service-level agreement that directly affects their paycheck. Moreover, restoring the performance elevated the database administrator to be focused on technology and business transactions.

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