Webcast : Managing Your SQL Server Infrastructure

Presenter: Hilary Cotter
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DBAs have plenty of day to day tasks to manage, but one overarching task is managing your entire SQL Server environment. Servers are added, consolidated, decommissioned, patched, etc. on an on-going basis, so your environment is ever changing. This is why it is key to think about these different tasks and the steps you should take to ensure you maintain control.

In this webcast we will cover the things you should be aware of when deploying new servers, decommissioning servers, keeping track of your servers in your environment, and other various SQL Server tasks. This session will also cover upgrading and patching, moving from physical to virtual machines, moving to the cloud, and more.

Speaker(s): Hilary Cotter is an independent SQL Server consultant specializing in HA/DR technologies and performance tuning. He was a SQL Server MVP for 15 years and has authored/co-authored several books and white papers on SQL Server.

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