Webcast : Taking Control of Your Organization’s SQL Server Sprawl

Presenter: K. Brian Kelley

You have SQL Server sprawl throughout your organization. There are SQL Servers installed on servers in all of your environments, some of which you may not even be aware of. IT personnel and developers also have SQL Servers installed; even if they are approved, there’s no guarantee of a minimal configuration. How do you get your arms around this situation?

Join IDERA and K. Brian Kelley as he looks at the various ways to detect SQL Server in your environment. He will take the next step to document what he finds, noting what’s approved and what’s not. Brian will also explore the various means to disable and uninstall unapproved SQL Servers. Finally, he will look at how you can configure existing, approved SQL Servers to a minimum standard. At each step of the way Brian will explain how to automate these tasks to reduce the amount of manual work required. This is a Geek Sync you will not want to miss!

About Brian: Brian’s community involvement stems from being a SQL Server author, columnist, and Microsoft MVP with a focus on SQL Server and Windows security. His skillset extends beyond being a DBA; he has served as an infrastructure and security architect including solutions such as Citrix, virtualization, and Active Directory. Brian is a very active member of the IT community having spoken at DevConnections, SQL Saturdays, code camps, and user groups.

Topics : Database Administration,Database Monitoring,

Products : SQL Inventory Manager,

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