Learn how to view and use tags within SQL Inventory Manager in this demonstration video.



Hello, and welcome to this video on how to view and use tags in SQL Inventory Manager. Tags help you group and organize instances in databases for better management. For example, use attack names such as disaster recovery to identify all your registered instances and databases that are vital to your disaster recovery plan. And have quick access to views and details from this group. For example, let us say that you want to see all your database count for a specific location. And then you want to see that by a specific instant tag. So I can say maybe you know I want to see all my business criticals that are also part of that are owned by me right. And then I can say by a specific location if I wanted to. The whole point about this is you can identify different attributes. Those are the tags to one single element. It could be an instance or a database. In SQL Inventory Manager, you can see tags in a few different places. One is a cloud tag showing you the most popular tags based on their use. These are tags applied to either an instance or a database. From there, you can drill down to get a view of the tags. And further, filter this information by owner location or another tag. Another way to look at your tag is by going into instances. Here you can filter the different instances you have in your environment by a specific tag. In this example, I can choose business critical and business hours servers that are owned by me. You can manage tags in several ways. Manage all tags. Manage tags by a single instance. Or manage them in bulk. Manage tags is done via the administration tab. Select manage tags. And then add or edit your instances or databases with respective tags. Single instant tabs can be done in two ways. By selecting an instance. And adding it to the tag. Or by going into instances. And clicking on the gear icon. To edit the tags. Bulk tags can be accomplished by going into instances, selecting a few instances, and clicking edit tags on the top. This will do a bulk tag registration. Thank you. for more information, visit idera.com.

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How to View and Use Tags in SQL Inventory Manager

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