Whitepaper : 7 Indexing Tips to Improve SQL Server Performance

SQL Server performance is always one of the most challenging subjects. Indexes are commonly created to gain additional performance from the system, but sometimes they are duplicated, missing, or unused, which can adversely affect database performance. In this document, Pinal Dave highlights some indexing best practices that can give maximum benefits to the SQL Server system, including:

  • Best practices for working with indexes in SQL Server environments
  • Find and fix unused, missing, and duplicate indexes
  • Work with clustered and column store indexes

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Pinal Dave

Pinal Dave is a SQL Server performance tuning expert and an independent consultant. He has authored 11 SQL Server database books, taught 21 Pluralsight courses, and has written over 4500 articles on database technology on his blog at https://blog.sqlauthority.com. Along with 16+ years of hands-on experience, he holds a Masters of Science degree and many database certifications.

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