Webcast : SQL Server Indexing Tips and Tricks

Presenter: Dave Walden

The use of indexes in SQL Server can make or break a database application and in this webcast we will take a look at best practices to ensure you are properly using and maintaining indexes.

Dave Walden will cover the different types of indexes, index statistics, how indexes are used to improve queries, using DMVs to get insight into index usage, index fragmentation, index maintenance, and more.

About the speaker: Dave Walden has over 15 years of experience in large, high performance, mission critical environments. While his primary focus is the data platform, Dave has deep expertise in other fields, including Cloud (Private/Public/Hybrid), Storage, Virtualization, Computing and Networking. Dave also has deep experience in the Big Data space, having worked in technologies such as Hadoop, Data Lake, Cosmos DB and MongoDB. Dave is an international speaker on SQL Server related topics – most recently on SQL Server on Linux.

Topics : Database Monitoring,Database Performance,SQL Query Performance,

Products : SQL Defrag Manager,

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