Webcast : SQL Server Backup Strategies : One Size Does Not Fit All

We’ve all been there. We acquire a new SQL Server database, instance or server, schedule some backups and call it a day. But over time, the databases grow or the need for the databases change. How often do we review the backup strategy we initially implemented to ensure it still meets our recovery objectives?

In this session we go back to the fundamentals and review the types of backups available in SQL Server, from the common (Full, Differential, Log) to the not so common (File, Filegroup). We’ll discuss how and when to use each and how to combine them to form a complete recovery plan.

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Colleen Morrow

Colleen Morrow is a database professional living in Cleveland, OH who has been working with database systems since 1996. For more than 12 years, she was a Database Administrator at a large law firm where she developed an appreciation for auditing, automation, and performance tuning. Since that time she has worked with clients in the healthcare, manufacturing, software, and distribution/freight delivery industries. Colleen is currently a Senior Consultant at Fortified Data. She is an active member of the Ohio North SQL Server User Group and has presented at many SQLSaturday events as well as the PASS Summit.

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