IT Infrastructure Performance Monitoring

Uptime Infrastructure Monitor

Visibility Across the Entire Network

Your network is a critical platform for delivering applications and services to your business and end users. If problems start, if the network slows down, or if an imminent network failure is coming, you need to know about it ASAP. Uptime Infrastructure Monitor’s network monitoring dashboards provide complete network monitoring and analysis to help you watch over the performance and availability of all routers, switches, servers, and other SNMP-enabled devices.

Find and Fix Network Bottlenecks Fast

End-users demand that applications and services are not only available, but fast. If your network is bogged down, it can be frustrating for your end users and a strike against IT. You can either try making money and new infrastructure the solution, or you can focus on solving the problems. Uptime Infrastructure Monitor’s network monitoring software lets you quickly view the status of core networks and alerts you when the network starts slowing down. Then use Uptime Infrastructure Monitor’s deep-dive network tools and root-cause analysis to highlight and fix network problems before end users start calling the helpdesk.

Proactive Alerts and Root Cause Analysis

Always get the right alert at the right time, with no false alerts that leave you guessing about the real problem. Then, dive into Uptime Infrastructure Monitor’s customizable and interactive network monitoring software dashboards and go from high-level views (like world maps, topology, and dependency maps, and more) to root cause in minutes.

Quickly Identify Network Bandwidth Issues

Networks are flooded will all types of data. Some data is critical to the business but some isn’t. When it comes to the unimportant network bandwidth hogs, find the who, what, where, when, and how and shut them down. This opens up more network capacity for important business processes and helps save IT time and budget. Uptime Infrastructure Monitor’s optional Netflow monitoring provides in-depth network analysis of NetFlow enabled devices (including Cisco NetFlow, Juniper, JFlow, and more) for a deep profiling of information on your network.

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