IT Infrastructure Performance Monitoring

Uptime Infrastructure Monitor

Get In Front of Application Problems

Deep, proactive application monitoring, reporting, and alerting keeps you in control of your service delivery. Uptime Infrastructure Monitor stays on top of application performance along with the critical parts of application delivery, including servers, services, and the network. Easily identify trouble-making applications over time with Uptime Infrastructure Monitor’s “trouble-maker” and “top ten” reports. Proactively head off application issues with deep capacity planning.

Proactive Application Alerts and Root Cause Analysis

Always get the right alert at the right time, avoiding alert storms that leave you guessing. Dive into Uptime Infrastructure Monitor’s customizable and interactive application monitoring dashboards and go from high-level views (like world maps, topology and dependency maps, and more) to root cause in minutes. Uptime Infrastructure Monitor’s deep metrics show you exactly where the problem is, regardless if it’s at the application, server, or network layer.

Customizable Application Dashboards

Whether it’s physical, virtual, or even cloud environments, IT is on the hook to monitor and report application performance. Uptime Infrastructure Monitor provides highly-customizable and interactive application dashboards that can be created in minutes with a drag and drop design and templates. Set up a NOC for the entire datacenter, and then share team dashboards for individual or groups of applications (email, CRM, ERP, Web, BI, WebSphere, WebLogic, and more).

Application Uptime and Service Level Agreements

Easily report on application (and server) uptime while monitoring trends in availability on specific devices, applications, services, and groups across the entire IT infrastructure. Uptime Infrastructure Monitor includes a powerful but easy-to-use SLA monitoring and reporting engine that monitors IT service levels in real time. Track and meet SLAs and provide management with clear SLA reports. Proactive SLA alerts notify your team when SLAs are trending to miss and tell you exactly what part of the delivery is failing.


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