Datasheet : SQL Inventory Manager

Discover, Track, and Manage your SQL Server Inventory

SQL Inventory Manager provides fundamental information on your SQL Server assets to help you track, report on, and manage your database environment from a web-based dashboard. It gives a broad enterprise-wide view with actionable information for all SQL Server inventory through automated discovery, inventory/asset management, and environment health checks. View core information such as how many databases exist, where they reside, how they are configured, and more so you can stay organized and better manage the server inventory as the organization grows.


As an administrator of SQL Servers, you need a simple, efficient way to discover, document, and manage your SQL Server environment as the organization grows. Perhaps you have a proliferation of SQL Servers coming online which may have been added without your knowledge and are difficult to track in spreadsheets. Maybe you are the new administrator to your organization and just need a level set of your SQL Server inventory from which to start.

Perhaps you have a general idea of how many SQL Servers are in your environment, but you are not sure which ones are the biggest or the busiest, whether they are up to date with the latest patches, which are backed up or how they are being utilized. Another scenario might be that you have multiple IT-related responsibilities and have inherited SQL Servers to your charter so you are looking to know the basics in order to manage them effectively. For any of these scenarios, it’s important to have a way to inventory your entire environment and determine which SQL Servers need oversight and maintenance.

SQL Inventory Manager offers an organized web-based dashboard that provides visibility to information about the entire inventory of SQL Servers across the environment. Customizable reports enable you to compile and review information about the SQL Server environment, including core license calculations for SQL licensing, a complete inventory summary of both physical and virtual servers, chargeback details, and health checks. Get complete visibility of your SQL Server environment with SQL Inventory Manager.


• View SQL Server inventory and know what you have where and who owns it
• Auto-discover new servers to better manage server sprawl
• Create tags and custom fields to organize servers and databases across the enterprise
• Perform health checks to monitor server operation and capacity
• Collect and manage server environment details with the web-based agentless UI


Out-of-the-box Server Inventory Management

As organizations grow, servers and the databases to support them can proliferate sometimes quite rapidly and unbeknownst to the DBA. SQL Inventory Manager provides instant and automatic discovery of all SQL Servers across the network, including cloud-hosted instances on Azure and Amazon. Replace your inefficient spreadsheets or scripts that attempt to manually list what servers exist throughout the environment. Take advantage of built-in default options to manage, report on, and maintain those SQL Servers automatically as the organization grows. Schedule discovery jobs to stay on top of any new servers coming online.

Enable Proactive Server Management

SQL Inventory Manager gathers important details on the attributes of your server environment. View the build and patch levels for each SQL Server to identify any updates that should be deployed to protect your environment from potential data breaches. Take advantage of built-in default options to discover, manage, report on, and maintain your SQL Servers automatically as the organization grows.

Increases SQL Server Availability

SQL Inventory Manager continuously monitors the entire SQL Server environment (on-premises and cloud-based) with health checks and provides alerts when availability or capacity issues are discovered. Once notified, DBAs and other administrators can quickly understand why SQL Servers are not performing well and correct the problems before end users complain.

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