Whitepaper : Ready, Set, Load Test: Best Practices, Tools, and Tricks for Determining Database Performance under Pressure

Today’s complex applications execute hundreds of SQL procedures and maybe thousands of SQL statements during a typical workload. Database administrators and developers can use load testing to verify that the system can handle the workload with reasonable performance. This whitepaper discusses why stress and load testing are a critical part of the development life cycle and outlines some best practices for successful stress and load testing. Additionally, it will examine how load testing can be combined with profiling to provide greater insight into application performance during code development, allowing developers and DBAs to eliminate some of the costly SQL code errors that can ultimately impact time-to-market and a company’s bottom line.

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SQL Query Tuner

  • Granular wait state monitoring
  • Continuous SQL sampling
  • Intuitive drill down to view top activity
  • Query plan tuning and recommendations
  • Lock and latch resolutions
  • Storage visibility and contention resolution

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