About Bill Ellis: Bill’s favorite quotes are “time is the currency of performance” and “every significant business transaction interacts with the system of record”. While recognizing the importance of availability and backups, Bill is most motivated by optimization. Completing work faster via processing efficiency is intriguing. Bill has worked with the Precise solution set for several years. Most of all, he enjoys helping people.

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How to Manage Complex PeopleSoft Environments with Precise

Companies all over the world use PeopleSoft to streamline their human resource processes. It is common for systems to serve thousands of processes, batch jobs, users and transactions. When performance degrades, productivity suffers and this affects the bottom line. Consequently, administrators need a comprehensive approach to manage these complex PeopleSoft environments.

IDERA’s Precise product provides a framework to report on and manage transaction response times experienced by the end user or batch process. Precise captures and correlates application metrics across the entire infrastructure and presents these important metrics in a manner that promotes crisp communication and rapid problem resolution throughout the application lifecycle. Register for this episode of Hot Technologies to hear how your organization can take advantage of this technology to stay ahead of the game. Learn More →

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