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In this video we’ll learn about capturing a schema archive with DB Change Manager. Once inside DB Change Manager, simply connect to your Oracle data source, expand the node, right-click on Schema Archive Job and press Create New. We’ll give it a name, and some notes if we’d like. Here we have our schema archive source which is our live data source. We’ll select the refinements tab. At this point we can filter we’ll filter by owner only, selecting the gim owner.

Schema Types

Here we can filter by the types. We can look at our server types. For this example, I’ll unselect the server type since I’m only interested in the schema types. And lastly the tables and dependencies over on the right-hand side we can refine the object list. Here I’ll expand the tables and we’ll unselect a few of the tables that I do not want to be included in this archive. We’ll go to our Options tab.


Here we can include table dependencies we can do some DDL extract options or we can purge the job after X number of days, so many versions, or how much size look at our notifications at this point we can set up an email notifier to notify us when the job is complete.

Enable File System notifier and lastly enable a System Tray Notifier. The last tab will be our History tab. Let’s save this job and now let’s execute. And here are the jobs completed. Let’s take a look at the results.


Database Objects Archive

Here we can see the active contents of this archive and if we like to look at the specific objects, we can select that and we can see the DDL extracts at the top.

We can view the object summary, we could generate a report, and we can extract the DDL scripts.

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Schema Archive Job

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