Solution Brief : Precise

Precise: A Performance Monitoring Approach that Resolves Issues Quicker

There are many methodologies to help you. You can look at the slowest transactions on average and tackle those. You could look at those wait events that are the heaviest in time.

The problem with these approaches is that they are hit or miss. A slow transaction (that is, a SQL statement) that runs for 30 seconds may seem like an obvious choice. However, that statement can only run once. Whereas a transaction that executes 3 seconds on average and executes over 1000 times is a better choice for investigating performance.

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  • End-to-end transaction visibility quickly isolates issues anywhere in the stack
  • Recommended corrective actions speed time to resolution
  • Historical analysis and trending discovers potential issues before they occur
  • Database stores contextual details to correlate transactions with business issues
  • Scalable performance for mission-critical business processes
  • Multi-platform support spans a diverse range of system clients
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