Datasheet : Precise for IBM DB2


Database performance fuels company performance. DB2 databases are the system of record for business applications and as their performance goes, so go the performance of applications and the organization as a whole. Downtime and slow system performance can result in significant lost revenue, lower productivity, and increased support costs if not resolved quickly. When performance problems occur, database administrators (DBAs) are frequently the first called to troubleshoot, often without any proof of where the issue lies. Any number of monitoring tools can extract metrics and provide data alerts. However, if they present the problem without offering context for what is driving these metrics, then performance management is hit and miss. DBAs need a solution that provides insight into the real causes of performance bottlenecks to determine the root cause and resolve problems no matter where they exist in the stack.

Precise for DB2 helps ensure that your business applications perform at peak efficiency by collecting and analyzing key performance metrics over time. It can detect and correct the root cause of performance problems whether in the application, database, or storage.

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