About Bill Ellis: Bill’s favorite quotes are “time is the currency of performance” and “every significant business transaction interacts with the system of record”. While recognizing the importance of availability and backups, Bill is most motivated by optimization. Completing work faster via processing efficiency is intriguing. Bill has worked with the Precise solution set for several years. Most of all, he enjoys helping people.

Topics : Database Diagnostics,Database Monitoring,Database Performance,

Products : Precise for Databases,

Lights Out: Best Practices for Serious Database Performance (for Precise)

Application running slowly? You’re not alone! Getting to the bottom of that reality gets harder by the day. As enterprise systems grow more complex, troubleshooting becomes more challenging, and more important. How can companies keep their systems running smoothly? Check out this episode of Hot Technologies to find out!

Analyst Eric Kavanagh will share insights about why it’s more important than ever to monitor applications and their underlying databases carefully. He’ll be joined by Bill Ellis of IDERA, who will demonstrate a number of ways that companies can solve performance issues quickly and efficiently. He’ll show how full-stack analysis of common architectures can lead to better performance, and much happier users.
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