Datasheet : IDERA SQL Security Suite

Data security and regulatory compliance requirements have become increasingly evolving and complex. Data compliance is now considered a “Must-Have” and DBAs are tasked with the monumental job of providing an accurate audit trail of server activities such as database access, update actions, schema changes and security policy changes. They must also manage who can do what, where and how to the data by maintaining user roles and permissions and reporting on these access rights to others in the organization. IT auditors, on the other hand, must demonstrate compliance with regulatory and data security requirements with an audit trail of reports. Unfortunately, auditing, managing and reporting this information can often require countless hours or even custom development work.

To solve this challenge, IDERA has assembled vital technology together to address DBAs and IT Auditors critical needs. The SQL Security Suite contains full licenses to IDERA SQL Compliance Manager and SQL Secure with the first year of standard technical support included.

Read this datasheet to learn more about SQL Security Suite, including key use cases and key benefits.

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