Case Study: SQL Compliance Manager

IDERA Helps Massimo to simplify and streamline Day-to-Day SQL Server Tasks


Massimo Zanetti Beverage USA is among the nation’s largest coffee roasters, with nationally recognized retail brands including Chock full o’Nuts®, Hills Bros.®, Segafredo Zanetti®, MJB®, and Chase & Sanborn®. With headquarters and a state-of-the art manufacturing facility in southeastern Virginia, the company produces proprietary and private label coffee, tea and drink mix for customers in all retail channels and food service throughout North America and around the world, roasting more than 150,000 tons of green coffee per year.


Despite having more than 400 employees, four distribution hubs and a national delivery network, Massimo Zanetti USA has a small but dedicated IT team and only one database administrator (DBA) tasked with ensuring efficient operations across the company’s 22 SQL Server databases.

To meet fast-growing operational demands, Massimo Zanetti’s IT team needed a flexible and effective way to monitor, manage and resolve issues across it’s SQL Server environment, including servers running critical applications such as SharePoint, JDE One World, RF Smart, Logility and more. The company also needed a solution that was affordable and did not require scripting.

“When it comes to getting coffee into the hands of our consumers, every second matters. As the company’s lone DBA, I wanted a solution that could quickly provide access to server details, retrieve data and ensure top performance for all of our system users,” said Monica Rathbun, senior database admin and business intelligence architect at Massimo Zanetti Beverage.


Today Massimo is using IDERA SQL Compliance Manager, SQL Admin Toolset, SQL Safe Backup's virtual database, and SQL Doctor.

These solutions provide comprehensive monitoring, auditing, alerting, administrative, and diagnostics tools, allowing Massimo to simplify and streamline day-to-day admin tasks, quickly find and fix SQL Server performance issues, and audit their SQL Servers faster than ever.

A long-time IDERA customer at previous companies, Rathbun immediately turned to IDERA’s SQL Diagnostic Manager as a monitoring and performance solution, evaluating the product alongside Redgate and SQL Sentry.

Benefits and Outcomes

Massimo Zanetti credits IDERA with delivering significant time-saving and productivity gains, allowing its IT team to more efficiently manage the datacenter and focus a greater majority of it’s time on higher value tasks.

“The IDERA products have saved us so much time and made our IT organization much more productive,” said Rathbun. “From providing backup status to moving users and jobs to new servers, I am more confident than ever in the performance and status of our database operations. IDERA gives one DBA the ability to do the work of 20.”

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