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Geek Sync | Avoid the Seven Mistakes Data Modelers Make in Aiding Data Governance

Presenter: Karen Lopez

Data privacy, protection, and compliance legislation is becoming ever more important. In that context, organizations have been looking towards their data governance teams to make sure that they understand their data, know how it is classified, and where it resides.

In this session, join Karen Lopez in discussing the mistakes that data modelers make in supporting data governance programs — and that you should avoid! These mistakes include collaboration errors, data model security fails, data stewarding missteps, data model integrity harms, and more.​

Newer compliance regulations can make these mistakes costly and difficult to recover from. Karen wants you to love your data — and your data model!

Speaker: Karen Lopez has more than 20 years of database design experience. She specializes in the practical application of design approaches, balancing development time frames with the need to deliver solutions that will support business agility and data quality needs. She’s known for her fun and engaging speaking and teaching style. She tweets about data, space exploration and her travel experiences at @datachick. Karen blogs at www.datamodel.com.

Topics : Data Governance,Data Modeling,

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