Webcast : SQL Server Backup: Challenges, Best Practices and Instant Data Recovery

Presenter: Michael Otey & Tep Chantra

There’s no doubt that data protection is the DBA’s first priority. There may be complaints if the database is running slowly, but it quickly becomes an urgent issue if you’re unable to restore the data that is needed in the event of an application or system failure. For performance, you may get some complaints, but not being able to restore important data could damage the business and even result in the loss of your job. In the first part of this webcast, industry expert and IT Pro’s senior contributing editor Michael Otey will discuss some of the biggest pain points around SQL Server’s backup and restore.

Join this web seminar to learn about dealing with rapidly growing data sources and an ever-shrinking backup window, backing up SQL Server instances in VMs or in the cloud as well as the need to granularly restore individual objects. Otey will also present best practices to ensure that business-critical databases are fully protected and that you can restore the data when you need to.

IDERA’s Tep Chantra will pick up the baton from Otey to show attendees how to instantly access their data in backup files via several conventional and advanced recovery capabilities with SQL Safe Backup. SQL Server databases are often repositories for large volumes of business-critical data. As the sizes of databases grow, restore operations become time-consuming. Database professionals need to access data in backup files quickly to reduce recovery time and increase application and business availability. Tep will show attendees how SQL Safe Backup addresses the need for fast data access and recovery.

Speaker: Michael Otey is a senior technical director for Windows IT Pro and SQL Server Pro. He is president of TECA, a software-development and consulting company in Portland, Oregon. Michael is a coauthor of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 High Availability with Clustering & Database Mirroring (Osborne/McGraw-Hill).

Speaker: Tep Chantra is a Sales Engineer with IDERA and has worked in the IT industry for 10+ years taking on various roles such as Customer Support.

Topics : Database Backup,

Products : SQL Safe Backup,

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