Discover how to view expert tuning recommendations, including ready to run SQL scripts, in SQL Doctor.



With SQL Doctor, you can identify problems and misconfigurations on a SQL Server instance. And provide recommendations and options for fixing those problems. Today we will talk about how to view expert tuning recommendations, including ready to run SQL scripts. When we start an analysis, we can select the categories we want. The time of the analysis. And filter the specific areas we want to analyze. Then we can run an analysis. The analysis will run for the time you selected. Plus, a few minutes more to create the recommendation report. Once we have the recommendations. By default, they come organized by priority. This priority will display the highest performing improvements based on a ranking system. Each recommendation will have a recommendation title and a description of the recommendation. Some recommendations will also give you information on why this might not be a problem. Why might it be a problem? And also provide you with external links to blogs or articles to cover the subject. And also, some of the recommendations will provide a recommendation script. This will allow you to run directly from SQL Doctor. In the script that would fix or optimize the problem. It would also provide an undo script. In case you want to backtrack that change. If you wish to do this manually, you can simply flag the recommendation as a to-do item in the future. SQL Doctor can be downloaded from the IDERA website at Visit our community forum when there is a lot of different users that are ready to answer some of your questions. Thank you, and have a great day.

How To View Expert Tuning Recommendations in SQL Doctor

SQL Doctor diagnoses and provides the cure for what ails your SQL Server on-premise, in the cloud, and as a managed cloud database.SQL Server administrators, developers, and analysts are under intense pressure to maintain high levels of database and application performance. Diagnosing and resolving performance issues can be an overwhelming and time-consuming task. SQL Doctor retrieves all of the necessary information, analyzes the results, pinpoints potential problems, and provides ranked recommendations that help you to resolve those issues on your instances. Whether you are a novice or expert at performance tuning, SQL Doctor makes your daily tasks easier. In this video, discover how to view expert tuning recommendations, including ready to run SQL scripts, in SQL Doctor. Learn More →

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