Datasheet : IDERA Database Tools

IDERA’s Solutions for MySQL and MariaDB

Every year, data becomes increasingly critical to the growth of organizations and even more complex to manage effectively. The evolving data ecosystem that organizations face today seems overwhelming, comprising multiple technologies and formats. There is a hybrid of data deployment options (physical, virtual, private cloud, public cloud) not to mention the growing importance of data governance. These variables have made the job of today’s database and data professionals more important and more complicated. The data ecosystem will continue to evolve, making collaboration between database developers, database administrators, data architects, and data analysts essential. They need to ensure data integrity, usability, and availability for solid decision-making within organizations.

To help address these dynamics, IDERA provides products to ease the burden of organizations managing complex database environments and to simplify data governance. Create useful data models, quickly roll out and report on database changes, proactively manage instances, and streamline SQL code. IDERA has seven products to address these environment challenges: ER/Studio Data Architect, Aqua Data Studio, Rapid SQL, SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL, DBArtisan, SQLyog, and Uptime Infrastructure Monitor.

Read this datasheet to learn more about IDERA’s solutions for MySQL and MariaDB.

Topics : Cloud Databases,Data Modeling,Database Administration,Database Change Management,Database Development,Database Diagnostics,Database IDE,Database Performance,IT Infrastructure Monitoring,SQL Query Performance,Visual Analytics,

Products : Aqua Data Studio,IDERA Database Tools,SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL,SQLyog,