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Uptime Cloud Monitor (CopperEgg)

Integrate with Tools You Use

Uptime Cloud Monitor brings all of your data together in one place, pulling data in from tools you already use with out-of-the-box integrations and an Open API.


Pull metrics from your NGiNX web server, such as requests and connections and view on a unified dashboard.


Monitor requests, bytes and workers information, and CPU load on your Apache web servers.


Out of the box, this plugin allows you to monitor 10 metrics including query information, cache hits, table locks, open files/tables, and more.


Get insight into PostgreSQL metrics including block hit, rollbacks, locks, commits, and more.

Microsoft SQL Server

Monitor essential Microsoft SQL Server metrics, including page life expectancy, SQL compilations per second, batch requests per second, etc.


Improve MongoDB performance by understanding the health and performance of your database. Get performance data on 30 MongoDB metrics.


Automatically install Uptime Cloud Monitor on new servers with populated metadata to more efficiently tag, filter, and alert on instances.


Integrates with Puppet to automatically configure and update both website and server monitoring to complete the automation loop.


Monitor, alert, and quickly view 25+ Redis metrics such as client information, processed commands, uptime, number of keys and more.

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